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eep within the Caverns of Time, the brooding dragon Nozdormu has awakened.

Since the world was young, the bronze dragonflight has safeguarded the winding labyrinth, monitoring the shifting timeways to ensure that the delicate balance of time is upheld.

But now the ancient Dragon Aspect Nozdormu has been roused by an elusive threat to his beloved caverns: dark, sinister agents have infiltrated the timeways, embarking on shadowy missions to alter the course of the past, present and future.

As a result, the bronze dragonflight has begun enlisting heroes to prevent the fabric of history from unraveling forever. For the first time, adventurers will enter the domain of the Timeless One, where they will undertake missions to prevent the sabotage of three key historical events:

Young Thrall's escape from Durnholde Keep, the first step on the path to his ascension as the greatest warchief the orcs have ever known...

The momentous Battle of Mount Hyjal, where Jaina, Thrall, Tyrande, and Malfurion succeeded in turning the tide against the dreaded demon, Archimonde...

And the opening of the original Dark Portal by the crazed wizard Medivh – an action that ushered in the First War and introduced the mighty orcs to the world of Azeroth.



The assault on the timeways has begun. The balance of time is in jeopardy, and if the past is not saved...

There will be no future.

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