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Town Hall

elcome to the Town Hall.
This is a great place for everyone to come and learn more about World of Warcraft and its features. Inside the Town Hall you will find everything about the game and its content, from guides to story and lore, world maps, info on races and classes, trade kills, transportation and much much more.

he contents of Town Hall comes from many different places and sources, but majority of the content comes from the older World of Warcraft websites. These older World of Warcraft websites used to hold great contents about the game such as detailed guides that covered every aspect of the game, encyclopedia, story and lore, contests and more. Most of these content did not survive the overhaul of the modern World of Warcraft website that we know today. But with the help of Wayback Machine we were able to travel back in time and salvage these contents and put them all on ArchiveCraft for you to enjoy.

eed help finding something in a major city? Then why not ask a guard!
Ask A Guard is an ArchiveCraft feature that allows you to ask for directions to things in each major city. Now you might ask yourself, what is the purpose of this if it already exists in the game? Well, we made this specifically for one reason and that reason is preparation. Being able to ask a guard for directions on our website is very useful if you are in a far off zone or on a flight path heading to a city and want to prepare yourself to find a trainer, general store, reagent vendor or even the auction house. It's quick and easy and will only take you a few seconds to get the directions to what you seek. Why wait to reach the city and ask for directions when you can do it right now. Click here to Try Ask A Guard.

nteractive Map
Town Hall also features an interactive map of Azeroth and Outland. You can click on different zones and detailed information will be shown, information such as level ranges, occupation, cities and towns, number of quests, flight paths, repairs, a short history of the zone and much more.

Town Hall Content Index


  • Races - The world is inhabited by many strong willed races. Which race will you be to defend Azeroth? Learn more about each playable races.
  • Classes - What type of hero will you be? Learn more about the nine announced classes.
  • Quests - A fun way to learn more about Azeroth and advance the story line, quests form the foundation of the World of Warcraft adventure experience...
  • Trade Skills - Want to forge a keen-edged sword that just screams 'deadly'? These abilities and many more fall under the heading of Trade Skills in World of Warcraft...
  • Death - What happens when player characters die? They become ghosts! This page explains the death penalty system in World of Warcraft...
  • Dungeons - Players will come across three types of dungeons while playing World of Warcraft: micro dungeons, world dungeons and raid dungeons.
  • Mounts - More than mere status symbols, mounts allow players to travel over land more quickly than on foot...
  • Air Transportation - Fly the skies of Azeroth! World of Warcraft features an advanced flying transportation network...
  • Major Cities - Each of the 6 major cities in the world of Azeroth represents the capital and a major hub for the races that inhabit them...
  • World Map - Get a bird's eye view of the lands of Azeroth...
  • Beastiary - An evolving catalogue of creatures resident to the World of Warcraft...
  • Player vs Player (PvP) - Face off players of the opposite faction both in World or in Battlegrounds.
  • Encyclopedia - Learn the history of World of Warcraft
  • Journey of Brann - A dwarf sets out for endless adventures in Azeroth, learn about his journey by reading his own diary.

Are you located outside a major city and need quick directions? With our Ask A Guard feature you can prepare yourself on your way to the city by helping you find just what you seek in advance whether it is a class trainer, reagent vendor, mailbox or a bank. It's quick and easy and will only take you a few seconds to get the directions to what you seek. Why wait to reach the city and ask for directions when you can do it right now

Try out Ask A Guard now.

Visit the Burning Crusade Town Hall to learn more about its features and lore. There is lots of information about new professions, flying, Outland, Beastiary and more.

Burning Crusade Town Hall