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The Archives

elcome to The Archives.
The Archives is the very heart of ArchiveCraft, this is where we store all of our content that we have archived over the years. The content you'll find here are either lost or unavailable or extremely hard to find and or can only be viewed with the aid of Wayback Machine.

ArchiveCraft only focuses, dedicates and archives only from the three iconic eras of World of Warcraft. Vanilla, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. The reason why is because these three expansions are what we consider to be the most iconic, valuable and most loved. It was the peak of the game and made the most impact to the World of Warcraft history and reputation that it had. Therefor we do not go beyond archiving Wrath of the Lich King.

Every archive category section is unique and can be viewed in different ways. Inside each archive lies more detailed information about the content and how to download them. Remember that the archived content can always be viewed here on our website or to be downloaded. You do not require to sign up and register an account do download our content.


The Download House

The Download House is our version of World of Warcraft's auction house. Everything we archive can be viewed on our website or it can be downloaded into .zip files and or other various file formats. There are currently 6 different categories to view from. Each category has its corresponding listing with various numbers of files. By simply clicking on one of the files in the listing you will then see the items description, what it contains and some previews. Once you've selected an item that you want to download just simply click on the "Download" button below to download the file. It is no different than purchasing an item from the actual in-game Auction House!

 The Download House