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rchiveCraft is a World of Warcraft community fan-based website.
A place for you to explore the lost contents that World of Warcraft used to offer. Contents that has been lost through out the years and are no longer accessible due to past changes with the official World of Warcraft website. The older contents simply did not meet the quality standards to stay on the newer and more modern World of Warcraft website we have today. Contents such as Screenshots, Videos, Wallpapers and much more. Some of these contents traces back as far as 1999 and all the way to the end of Wrath of the Lich King expansion.

Most of these lost contents can still be found today with the help of Wayback Machine, Reddit, Imgur and even Github. But having several lost contents of World of Warcraft scattered all over different websites can be very difficult to navigate through. So we have created our very own website that puts them all into one place. We have archived everything that is lost or extremely hard to find right here on ArchiveCraft so that you can find it all with ease and enjoy the nostalgia it brings.

ArchiveCraft dedicates and archives only from the three iconic eras of World of Warcraft, Vanilla, Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King. The reason why is because these three expansions are what we consider to be the most iconic, valuable and most loved. It was the peak of the game and made the most impact to the World of Warcraft history and reputation that it had. Therefor we do not go beyond archiving Wrath of the Lich King.

We also offer everything we have to be downloaded in .ZIP and or other formats and to be viewed right here on the website.


ee some of the first screenshots ever taken of World of Warcraft that dates back as early as 1999 and how the game used to look like in its earliest developing stage using Warcraft III engine and models. The screenshots archive also contains our most sought after Screenshots of the Day from Vanilla World of Warcraft to Wrath of the Lich King. Screenshots of the Day were screenshots that used to be on the older official World of Warcraft website submitted by actual players of the game, changing each day.


The Screenshot Archive


ur movie archive is one of the biggest World of Warcraft movie archive on the internet. We have thousands of movies from each expansion. Movies that are made by fans of the game and are no longer watchable from various sites such as Warcraftcinema, Warcraftmovies and of course Blizzard Entertainment. We have some of the earliest officially Blizzard made gameplay trailers, weather effect trailers and of course the cinematic intros. View early Burning Crusade gameplay trailers, Blizzcon announcement trailers and various patch trailers. You can also see Barley testing out the Netherwing Flying mount in the Outlands and much more.


The Movie Archive


isten to the music of World of Warcraft, music that has captured players from all around the world with strong powerful emotions to long everlasting memories. This archive contains all the music that exists in the game. We have archived every music from every zone, city, event and or moments. All categorized in folders.

Listen to an example music


The Music Archive


ersonalize your desktop with some official World of Warcraft wallpapers from Vanilla to Wrath of the Lich King expansions. Our wallpaper archive contains every wallpaper ever made by Blizzard Entertainment. We have only archived the ones that were in the highest resolution possible for the best quality.


The Wallpaper Archive


Our Tools and Utilities archive offers a variety of useful softwares and programs that can help you out with your everyday World of Warcraft needs. We have lots of tools such as Name Generators, BLP to PNG converters, Talent Calculators, Logo Maker, Model Viewers and much more.


The Tools Archive


orld of Warcraft has some incredible environments and creatures in the world of Azeroth, Outlands and Northrend. See how all these zones and creatures came to life from some of the earliest concept arts of the game. You can also view some renders of some of the earliest in game models of Humanoids that only existed back in the Alpha version of World of Warcraft.


The Artwork Archive

All Downloads In One Place

The Download House is our version of World of Warcraft's auction house. Everything we archive can be viewed on our website or it can be downloaded into .zip files and or other various file formats. There are currently 6 different categories to view from. Each category has its corresponding listing with various numbers of files. By simply clicking on one of the files in the listing you will then see the items description, what it contains and some previews. Once you've selected an item that you want to download just simply click on the "Download" button below to download the file. It is no different than purchasing an item from the actual in-game Auction House!

We will continuously add more items for to be downloaded in the future so make sure to check back regularly. At the moment we are also working on an uploading system that allows visitor to upload their own items such as screenshots, movies fan made wallpapers or tools/software into the Download House.

To demonstrate what we have here on ArchiveCraft, here are a few good and rare examples from each archives.
All these examples can be viewed here on our website or to be downloaded via the Download House. The first two screenshots are from the earliest development of the game using the Warcraft III engine, the other last two are from their own game engine which was still work in progress at the time. All these screenshots were taken in the year 2000-2001.


Screenshot Examples:


Movies Examples:


Wallpaper Examples: