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Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the FAQ page.
Hopefully all your questions has been answered here about ArchiveCraft in general. Should you have any other question that is more technical please feel free to contact us or use the comment box below.

What is ArchiveCraft?

ArchiveCraft is a WoW community fan-based website that archives the most valuable content of early WoW that are lost and or extremely hard to find!


What is the purpose of this website and why did you make it?

As mentioned earlier, the purpose of this website is to ensure that all of these rare WoW content will always exist and to be accessed with ease for nostalgia but also educational purposes. I made it because I felt a certain obligation to share with others who have the same passion and or interest to learn more about Classic and older World of Warcraft.


Catchy name, how did you come  by it?

I tried with many different names such as Vault of Warcraft, Warcraftvault. But if you are making a website that has Blizzard content, I was not allowed to include Warcraft in the name for obvious reasons. So I needed something short and yet a good reference and or similarity to Warcraft. And as I was building this website it felt more of an archive than a vault. And so it became ArchiveCraft.


When did you start and how long has it taken to make this website?

I started around November 2018 through mid 2019. Unfortunately WoW Classic came out which put the whole project on hold but managed to get back into it eventually and finish it completely. So it has taken me 4 years to make this website.


How on Azeroth did you come by all this lost content?

I actually had a lot of the content already on my computer that I collected years and years ago. I managed to save all the Screenshots of the Day before they were taken down permanently from the official WoW website along with some wallpapers, movies and much more. But most have been salvaged with the help of other sources such as Wayback Machine, Reddit, Imgur and even Github.


Exactly how much of these content are they?

Quite a lot! There are a total of over 2000 screenshots, over 1000 movies and music, a few hundred wallpapers and a handful of tools and utilities and more.


Can all of this content be downloaded?

Absolutely! You may view everything here on our website or download them freely over at the Download House.


Do you only have media content or do you have other content as well?

We do indeed. ArchiveCraft is not just a place for screenshots and movies. We also offer several guides and info about the game such as Races, Classes, Zones, Interactive Maps and much much more. Kinda like a giant Adventure Guide! These pages can all be found over at the Town Hall.


Why does this website look old?

This website is indeed very old school looking. It's a tribute to the original World of Warcraft website back in 2003. Websites like this are just simpler.


Can I upload content of my own and share it to ArchiveCraft?

We are planning to! Right now that is not a priority but we will definitely implement something to the Download House where others can upload their own stuff such as screenshots, videos and more.


You said this was a community website, where can we communicate?

You may visit the chat room and have a chat with anyone on this website, or just leave a comment on any page to discuss the content of that page.

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