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rchiveCraft is a World of Warcraft community website.
A place for you to explore some of the oldest and lost contents of early World of Warcraft. This website has archived older contents that are lost and/or extremely hard to find such as Screenshots, Movies, Wallpapers and much more. We have World of Warcraft content that traces as far back as 1999 and all the way to the end of Wrath of the Lich King expansion. And the purpose of this website is to share our archive with you.

Here you will not only find lost Screenshots and Movies, but also lost guides and features of the game. We have pages that have detailed information about various aspects of the game such as Races, Classes, Dungeons, Interactive Maps, and some fun features such as Ask A Guard, Download House, easter eggs and much more. They can all be found over at the Town Hall!

We hope that you will enjoy your stay here at ArchiveCraft, there is so much to explore and you will hopefully experience a great deal of nostalgia. For you who are new this can be a great place to learn and find out how the game actually looked like in the older days.

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