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very Hero needs a place to hide his or her treasures! Visit a bank in World of Warcraft to store items for later use. You can store quest items, trade-skill components and products for later sale, weapons, armor, and more! The six major cities each have a full-service bank for your use, and additional banks can be found at a few special locations around the world. Most minor towns and outposts don't have banks.

ll of the banks share the same vault; the neutral banks are equivalent to the faction banks. If you place items in one bank, you will be able to access them in another. (Canonically, this is accomplished through the use of Automated Teleportation Modules; ATM's for short.) However, players are not able to use the banks of opposing factions, because they cannot talk to the tellers.


Need more space?
ou can also buy extra storage space at each bank, which provides you with slots for storing additional bags of items. The larger the bag that you put in each bag slot, the more space you'll have! For example, you might start with a 6-slot bag in one of your bag slots, but later on you might find a 10-slot bag to put there, which would essentially give you 4 more bank slots. The price for additional bag slots goes up with each new slot, and the final slots are very expensive!


Banking Highlights:

  • Your bank storage space is protected so that only you have access to it. This space cannot be shared with other players.
  • You do not store money at the bank; instead, you carry it along with you everywhere you go. Money has no weight and does not take up any inventory slots, so no matter how much you’re carrying, it will never have a negative effect on your character.
  • Thanks to an advanced network of secure automated teleportation modules (ATMs) *wink*, the items deposited in your bank space at any bank will automatically be available for withdrawal from any of the other banks that you have access to.
  • Each character on your account has its own unique bank space, which cannot be shared with your other characters.
  • Horde players can use any Horde bank, and Alliance players can use any Alliance bank, but these factions cannot use each other’s banks.
  • While the bank transfer screen is up, your items cannot be accidentally dropped on the ground. Expect nothing but smooth and speedy service with a smile (or snarl, for Horde players) at the National Banks of Azeroth.
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