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Zone: Hellfire Peninsula
Level: 59-70


n the blasted world of Outland, within the heart of Hellfire Peninsula stands Hellfire Citadel, a nearly impenetrable bastion that served as the Horde's base of operations throughout the First and Second Wars. For years this gargantuan fortress was thought to be abandoned... The fortress was intended to be the primary staging ground of the military forces of the Horde, whereas the captured Temple of Karabor (now the Black Temple) would be used for meetings of the Shadow Council. It was from this location that the final battle against the draenei, at Shattrath, was organized and carried out. After the creation of the Dark Portal, the Horde was organized at Hellfire Citadel and marched up the Path of Glory to what they called the "Stair of Destiny". When the Alliance Expedition entered Draenor, they managed to capture the citadel only to find that Ner'zhul was no longer there and had moved to the Black Temple.

Zone: Zangarmarsh
Level: 61-70


he sinister Naga recently began enslaving tribes of the Broken in an effort to bolster the naga's workforce and further their agenda in Outland. Nearly all of the Wastewalker tribe has been captured and put to work in the dismal Slave Pens of Coilfang, toiling day and night beneath the yoke of their ruthless Naga masters. Some of the Broken have seemingly accepted their fate. Others pray for the intervention of some outside faction to provide an opportunity for escape. Still others, shameless members of the tribe who see no other alternative, have found a way to turn the situation to their advantage. Mennu is one such example: a former Broken slave who has betrayed his fellow draenei and gained favor with his naga overlords. Despite their differences there is one lesson the downtrodden members of the Wastewalker tribe have learned all too well: those unlucky enough to find themselves inside the Coilfang Slave Pens do not always find a way out.hoever controls the water controls Outland. This is the law passed down by Lord Illidan Stormrage to his most trusted lieutenant, Lady Vashj. Shortly after the Third War, when Illidan requested the aid of the naga, a group of naga led by Lady Vashj answered his call. Ever since, Vashj has displayed a fierce dedication to Illidan. Now the naga witch carefully monitors Coilfang's operations from her seat of power within Serpentshrine Cavern. Far more at home here among the waters of the reservoir than locked within the cold stone walls of Black Temple, Vashj maintains a close eye on her minions and personally oversees the draining of Zangarmarsh.

Zone: Terokkar Forest
Level: 63-70


he original exiles on Draenor found death to be an unsettling and unfortunate consequence of life, and so loyal draenei priests hid their dead away in the subterranean grave-city of Auchindoun, a labyrinthine marvel located deep within the forests of Terokkar. It is said that long ago, a shadowy cult invaded Auchindoun and in its depths discovered an immensely powerful, malevolent being held captive by arcane mechanisms. Through arrogance or mischance the cultists released the creature from its prison, and the resulting power surge blasted the decrepit city apart. The surrounding land was littered with skeletal remains that earned it a new name: the Bone Wastes.

For many years Auchindoun remained largely abandoned. Yet recently many unwelcome guests have ventured into its mysterious depths, seeking powerful artifacts. Among these graverobbers are the vengeful arakkoa and the opportunistic ethereals. Any adventurers brave enough to enter Auchindoun would do well to remember the warnings of the city’s original guardians, the Auchenai: that those who do not respect the dead...

... may become entombed along with them.

Zone: Tanaris
Level: 66-70


eep within the Caverns of Time, the brooding dragon Nozdormu has awakened.
Since the world was young, the bronze dragonflight has safeguarded the winding labyrinth, monitoring the shifting timeways to ensure that the delicate balance of time is upheld.

But now the ancient Dragon Aspect Nozdormu has been roused by an elusive threat to his beloved caverns: dark, sinister agents have infiltrated the timeways, embarking on shadowy missions to alter the course of the past, present and future. As a result, the bronze dragonflight has begun enlisting heroes to prevent the fabric of history from unraveling forever. For the first time, adventurers will enter the domain of the Timeless One, where they will undertake missions to prevent the sabotage of three key historical events:

Young Thrall's escape from Durnholde Keep, the first step on the path to his ascension as the greatest warchief the orcs have ever known... The momentous Battle of Mount Hyjal, where Jaina, Thrall, Tyrande, and Malfurion succeeded in turning the tide against the dreaded demon, Archimonde... And the opening of the original Dark Portal by the crazed wizard Medivh – an action that ushered in the First War and introduced the mighty orcs to the world of Azeroth.

Zone: Netherstorm
Level: 69-70


he mighty Tempest Keep was created by the enigmatic naaru: sentient beings of pure energy and the sworn enemies of the Burning Legion. In addition to serving as a base of operations for the naaru, the structure itself possesses the technology to teleport through alternate dimensions, traveling from one location to another in the blink of an eye.
With Outland serving as the strategic battlefront in the ongoing Burning Crusade, the naaru recently used Tempest Keep to reach the shattered land. However, when the naaru set out from their stronghold, Prince Kael'thas and his blood elves quickly raided the dimensional fortress and assumed control over its satellite structures.

Now, guided by some unknown purpose, Kael'thas manipulates the keep's otherworldly technologies, using them to harness the chaotic energies of the Netherstorm itself.

Though Kael'thas and his minions maintain a tight hold on the keep, a band of draenei recently hijacked one of its satellite structures, the Exodar, and used it to escape Outland. In seeking out other worlds, the draenei, led by the ancient prophet, Velen, hoped to find allies who would stand with them against the Legion and its nihilistic Crusade.

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