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Designation: High elf

During the Second War, the Horde burned down the borderlands of Quel'Thalas, homeland of the high elves. The rampaging orcs killed Vereesa's parents, but she and her two older sisters, Alleria and Sylvanas, survived.

Vereesa's oldest sister, Alleria, went on to lead an elite cadre of rangers after the Second War and eventually sacrificed herself to destroy the Draenor end of the Dark Portal. Sylvanas later fought the Scourge invasion of Quel'Thalas and was slain, then raised into undeath against her will. By this time, Vereesa may or may not have heard of Sylvanas' grim fate.

A Perilous Mission

Following in Alleria's footsteps, Vereesa too became a ranger. To her disgust, her first major assignment did not involve hunting down the orcs that had been trapped on the planet Azeroth in the wake of the Dark Portal's destruction.

Instead, she was asked to escort a human wizard named Rhonin to one of the eastern ports of Lordaeron. She accomplished her mission only to discover that there were no ships available to take Rhonin to his ultimate destination: Khaz Modan.

Rhonin claimed that his mission was minor and only required him to observe the orc presence in Khaz Modan. Yet he remained unusually determined to fulfill it. He even appealed to a group of Wildhammer dwarves, asking them to fly him to Khaz Modan on one of their gryphons. At first the dwarves refused, for they trusted humans little and wizards even less.

Yet Vereesa had grown fond of Rhonin, and she suspected that his mission was more important than he wanted to admit. Appealing to the dwarves, she persuaded them to fly both her and Rhonin to Khaz Modan. Although Rhonin was separated from her along the flight, she tracked him all the way to Grim Batol, which was a Horde stronghold under the leadership of Nekros Skullcrusher.

The Demon Soul

Using a magical artifact known as the Demon Soul, Nekros had managed to enslave Alexstrasza and, through her, most of the red dragonflight. Thus, Korialstrasz had sent Rhonin to Grim Batol with instructions to free Alexstrasza. Disguised as a mage named Krasus, Korialstrasz did not truly hope that Rhonin would be able to liberate the Dragonqueen. Rather, Korialstrasz hoped to trick the Horde into believing that a full-scale invasion was about to occur. While the Horde evacuated Grim Batol, Korialstrasz planned to strike and free his queen.

His plan backfired when the massive black dragon Deathwing unexpectedly showed up and began stealing Alexstrasza's eggs. In fact, Deathwing had helped Rhonin reach Grim Batol precisely for that reason: the insane Dragon Aspect wanted to bolster his own failing flight by kidnapping Alexstrasza's children and raising them as his own.

However, the other Dragon Aspects arrived to stop Deathwing. With the help of Vereesa and a group of dwarves, Rhonin took the Demon Soul from Nekros and managed to destroy it. Their powers fully restored, Alexstrasza and the other Aspects attacked Deathwing and forced him to flee. Deathwing has not been seen since that time.

Not long after their adventure, Vereesa and Rhonin were married. Vereesa recently gave birth to their first children: twins.

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