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Journey of Brann Bronzebeard

Brann Bronzebeard is the youngest of the three Bronzebeard brothers, with King Magni Bronzebeard and Muradin Bronzebeard being his elders. A noted dwarven historian and veteran of the Second War, Brann is an active member of the Explorers' League, following closely in the footsteps of his brother Muradin, one of the founding members of the League. One of the greatest explorers to ever wander the lands of Azeroth, Brann is recognized and welcomed across the known world. The warm, courageous dwarf has made friends and acquaintances in nearly every charted land - and presumably those uncharted as well.

Read the journey of Brann Bronzebeard of this adventurous dwarf as he travels south from Khaz Modan through Elwynn Forest, Westfall, and Stranglethorn Vale after the Third War.