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Arathi Basin
Defiler's Den Trollbane Hall Stables Lumber Mill Blacksmith Mines Farm

Defiler's Den

Within these cobwebbed halls dwell the Defilers, Forsaken scavengers sent to the basin to scrounge up any and all supplies usable in the effort against the Alliance. As a sworn member of the Horde, you are stationed in the Den to aid the Defilers in their pillaging.

Trollbane Hall

This humble bastion is home to the League of Arathor, the valiant organization sworn to support their beleaguered troops by recovering the supplies left behind in Arathi Basin. The proud members of the Alliance begin their supply expedition from the relative safety of the Hall.


The care of a trusty battle steed is certainly not easy. Tack can easily be destroyed in battle, and replacements are constantly needed. There are still many such items stored within the basin's stable.

Lumber Mill

The hafts of spears, the barriers lining camps, the structures on the battlefield -- all these items and more require good, solid wood. No army can function without a supply of lumber, and Arathi's mill holds much ripe for the plucking.


Swords and shields are wonderful tools, but the smithy in Arathi Basin has few of these. The more practical forged goods of war -- nails, horseshoes, buttons, hooks, chains, and other such practical metal supplies -- are also extremely necessary on the field of battle. It is these you seek to forage.


Deep within the earth lie veins of minerals both precious and practical. No army can function without a good, solid supply of metal. The stone surrounding it can also hold surprising value upon the battlefield and should not be underestimated. Ample quantities of both can be found in the mines of the basin.


When battles continue for days on end without a resolution in sight, the need for a steady stream of food is imperative. Without it, no amount of steel can win the day. The farm in Arathi holds stores of grain, dried fruits and jerky: a balanced part of a complete breakfast.