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Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 1-10 1-10 1-10
Territory: Alliance
Factions: Darnassus
Towns: Darnassus
Quests: 121 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Vesprystus

Teldrassil is a zone located atop a massive World Tree off the northern coast of Kalimdor, the tree itself being hosted in an island of the same name. Teldrassil was grown by Archdruid Fandral Staghelm as a desperate measure after the second invasion of the Burning Legion, in an attempt to regain immortality for the Night Elves. Although the tree successfully grew, it was not blessed by the Dragonflights, which left it susceptible to corruption by the Emerald Nightmare.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 11-19 11-19 11-19
Territory: Alliance
Factions: Darnassus
Towns: Auberdine
Quests: 94 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Caylais Moonfeather

Darkshore is a long strip of coast on the northwestern parts of Kalimdor. Darkshore was once brimming with kaldorei life, but it is now little more than a desolate beach, covered with ancient ruins and everlasting fog. On the shore, you can see many carcasses of both wildlife and shipwrecked boats. Naga and Murlocs populate many of the elven ruins within the continent, and the land is dangerous even outside these, with feral creatures, ghosts, and followers of the Twilight's Hammer.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 19-30 19-30 19-30
Territory: Contested
Factions: Silverwing Sentinels
Towns: Astranaar
Quests: 160 Quests
Dungeons: Blackfathom Deeps
Flight Masters: Daelyshia Vhulgra

Ashenvale is a beautiful forest and ancestral home of the Night Elves, who control several settlements over the zone such as Astranaar, Silverwind Refuge, Maestra's Post and the Shrine of Aessina. Although diminished, the Horde also has a presence here, with settlements in the form of Zoram'gar Outpost and Splintertree Post. Ashenvale is populated with many wild creatures such as spiders, bears, and wolves, as well as filled with tainted furbolgs and satyr.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 47-54 47-54 47-54
Territory: Contested
Factions: Timbermaw Hold
Towns: Emerald Sanctuary
Quests: 121 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Mishellena Brakkar Gorrim

Felwood is a corrupted forest filled with demons and satyrs, this corruption resulted from Archimonde, an eredar lord of the Burning Legion, ordering the corruption of the forests surrounding Mount Hyjal to weaken the Kaldorei defenses during the Third War. The dreadlord Tichondrius used a powerful artifact, the Skull of Gul'dan, to corrupt the zone, resulting in polluted waters and corrupted fauna and flora.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 55-60 55-60 55-60
Territory: Contested
Factions: Wintersaber Trainers Everlook
Towns: Everlook
Quests: 96 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Maethrya Yugrek

Winterspring is a frosty valley in northern Kalimdor. This frigid zone is littered with night elven ruins, and serves as the primary home of the Blue Dragonflight in Kalimdor. The only settlement in Winterspring is Everlook, a Steamwheedle Cartel town that is neutral to both Horde and Alliance.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 15 15 15
Territory: Contested
Factions: Cenarion Circle
Towns: Nighthaven
Quests: 55 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Sindrayl Faustron

Moonglade is both home of the Cenarion Circle and a haven for all druids. It is an uncorrupted neutral zone, protected by mountains and shrouded in green light, without any hostile mobs or gathering resources. The main village of Nighthaven is maintained by the Cenarion Circle and features mainly Druid trainers.


This is not a functional zone for player to visit. This zone is a raid instance, for more information click here.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 42-55 42-55 42-55
Territory: Contested
Factions: Hydraxian Waterlords
Quests: 71 Quests
World Boss: Dragons of Nightmare
Flight Masters: Jarrodenus Kroum

Azshara is a beautiful coastal zone, cloaked in eternal autumn located in the eastern coast of Kalimdor. Surrounded by plenty of flora and beautiful sandy beaches, Azshara was once part of Zin-Azshari, the capital of the Kaldorei Empire. After the Sundering, much of Zin-Azshari fell to the oceans, but many elven ruins can be seen through the zone, reminding people of the once glorious Kaldorei Empire.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 1-10 1-10 1-10
Territory: Horde
Factions: Orgrimmar
City: Orgrimmar
Quests: 134 Quests
Dungeons: Ragefire Chasm
Flight Masters: Doras

Durotar is a rugged zone located in the eastern coast of Kalimdor. Durotar is a very harsh zone to live in, with many rocky mountains, the desert-like soil making it hard to grow produce, and the access to drinkable water being difficult. The Orcs who live in Durotar, however, see the zone as a beautiful reminder of Draenor, the planet they originally came from.

The Barrens

Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 10-33 10-33 10-33
Territory: Horde
Factions: Warsong Outriders Ratchet
Towns: Crossroads Ratchet
Quests: 278 Quests
Dungeons: Wailing Caverns
Flight Masters: Devrak Bragok

The Barrens is a massive savanna located in the center of Kalimdor. With arid plains and very few sources of water scattered across the zone, those brave enough to live in the zone have to contest resources with the local harpies, quillboar and centaur. Although The Barrens is home to a hostile environment, its borders with several, more well-off zones, are sought after by both the Horde and the Alliance.

Stonetalon Mountains

Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 15-25 15-25 15-25
Territory: Contested
Factions: Various
Towns: Stonetalon Peak Sunrock Retreat
Quests: 69 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Teloren Tharm

Stonetalon Mountains is a mountainous region and home to the harpies and chimeras. Stonetalon Peak, to the north of the zone, serves as a sacred place to both Night Elves and Tauren, with the Kaldorei building a Barrow Den for their druids to slumber and commune with the Emerald Dream in. To the west of the zone, the Venture Co. has stripped the area of its natural resources, cutting down trees, filling the air with soot and the water with oil, an act that enrages both the Alliance and the Horde alike.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 30-39 30-39 30-39
Territory: Contested
Factions: Gelkis Clan Centaur
Magram Clan Centaur
Towns: Nijel's Point Shadowbrey Village
Quests: 84 Quests
Dungeons: Maraudon
Flight Masters: Baritanas Skyriver Thalon

Desolace is a barren zone located in western Kalimdor. Desolace is a rocky wasteland littered with bones, seemingly permeated by a curse, its skies always taken by storms, and very few sources of water, with lots of small lakes of yellow, polluted water all around the zone. Desolace is home of the centaur, with four central clans not only waging war against any who enter their territory, but also against each other.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 1-10 1-10 1-10
Territory: Horde
Factions: Thunder Bluff
Towns: Thunder Bluff
Quests: 119 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Tal

Mulgore is plains zone located in central Kalimdor. Mulgore is nestled by the hills of Stonetalon Mountains and protected by natural walls from pretty much all directions, which makes this zone full of grassy planes and littered with wild game a perfect haven for its inhabitants, the noble and formerly nomadic Tauren.

Dustwallow Marsh

Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 35-61 35-61 35-61
Territory: Contested
Factions: Various
Towns: Theramore Isle Brackenwall Village Mudsprocket
Quests: 173 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Baldruc Shardi Dyslix Silvergrub

Dustwallow Marsh is a vast and ancient swamp in central Kalimdor. With the hot and fetid weather and lots of wild beasts permeating the swamp, navigation through Dustwallow Marsh is often difficult, although this has not stopped the Alliance from creating a stronghold at its very east, with the port city of Theramore, led by Jaina Proudmoore. Although Theramore is a bastion of the Alliance, its walls mean the Alliance never strays far from the island, and its proximity to the Horde lands of The Barrens makes skirmishes between the Horde and the Alliance a common sight.

Thousand Needles

Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 24-35 24-35 24-35
Territory: Contested
Factions: Various
Towns: Freewind Post
Quests: 88 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Nyse

Thousand Needles is a massive dry canyon filled with towering mesas located in southern Kalimdor. Although the area is harsh on its own, it has a feeling of serenity on its own. To the east, the mesas of Thousand Needles are replaced by a vast salt pan, known as the Shimmering Flats.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 41-60 41-60 41-60
Territory: Contested
Factions: Various
Towns: Feathermoon Stronghold Camp Mojache
Quests: 125 Quests
Dungeons: Dire Maul
Dragons of Nightmare
Flight Masters: Fyldren Moonfeather Shyn

Feralas, unlike the zones that shares a border with it, is a massive rainforest that piques the interest of both the Horde and the Alliance. With the Alliance town of Feathermoon Stronghold in one of the western islands (accessible by taking the Feathermoon Ferry boat on the coast of the island) and the Horde town of Camp Mojache to the east, Alliance and Horde are likely to clash in this lush jungle.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 55-59 55-59 55-59
Territory: Contested
Factions: Cenarion Circle
Towns: Cenarion Hold
Quests: 175 Quests
Dungeons: Ahn'Qiraj
Flight Masters: Cloud Skydancer Runk Windtamer

Silithus is a rough desert in the southwest end of Kalimdor. While Silithus today acts as the main working place of the Cenarion Circle, it was once the seat of the Aqiri Empire, known to the world as Ahn'Qiraj. Its gates were sealed off millennia ago by the Night Elves, but the silithid managed to regain some footage over Kalimdor. Today, the Cenarion Circle enlists both the Horde and the Alliance to help with their vigil.

Un'Goro Crater

Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 48-55 48-55 48-55
Territory: Contested
Factions: Various
Towns: Marshal's Refuge
Quests: 68 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Gryfe

Un'Goro Crater is a lush jungle in southern Kalimdor, isolated from the source as it shares borders with the deserts of Feralas and Silithus. Although its borders make Un'Goro Crater a rather isolated area, many challenges await players here as they explore the wide range of exotic fauna, from aggressive plant mobs to the mighty devilsaurs.


Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 40-50 40-50 40-50
Territory: Contested
Factions: Gadgetzan
Towns: Gadgetzan
Quests: 217 Quests
Dungeons: Zul'Farrak
Flight Masters: Bera Stonehammer Bulkrek Ragefist

Tanaris is a massive desert located in southern Kalimdor. Tanaris is an arid land, covered in sand dunes and under the constant threat of sandstorms. However, the desert's harsh conditions were not able to stop the goblins from the Steamwheedle Cartel from making Tanaris their main center of operations, with Gadgetzan as their main city, and the Steamwheedle Port built to receive shipments straight from the goblin capital of Undermine.

Azuremyst Isle

Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 1-10 1-10 1-10
Territory: Alliance
Factions: Exodar
City: The Exodar
Quests: 111 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Stephanos

Azuremyst Isle is the zone the Draenei spaceship crashed into, leading to the formation of the Exodar as their capital city. Quests focus on the draenei acquainting themselves with the land and trying to strengthen their struggling settlements. Since this island was so far-out, there was very little other civilization before the crash. Is it not possible to fly on the Azuremyst Isle.

Bloodmyst Isle

Subject Alliance Horde Neutral
Level: 9-19 9-19 9-19
Territory: Alliance
Factions: Exodar
Towns: Blood Watch
Quests: 84 Quests
Dungeons: None
Flight Masters: Laando

Bloodmyst Isle is a low-level zone covering the struggles of the Draenei to rebuild their civilization. It gets its distinctive red look from the corrupting red crystals found on the Exodar, the Draenei's spaceship that crashed.

Flight Masters


Zone Flight Master
Ashenvale Daelyshia
Azshara Jarrodenus
Darkshore Caylais Moonfeather
Desolace Baritanas Skyriver
Dustwallow Marsh Baldruc
Felwood Mishellena
Feralas Fyldren Moonfeather
Feralas Thyssiana
Moonglade Sindrayl
Silithus Cloud Skydancer
Stonetalon Mountains Teloren
Tanaris Bera Stonehammer
Teldrassil Vesprystus
The Barrens Bragok
Un'goro Crater Gryfe
Winterspring Maethrya
Zone Flight Master
Ashenvale Vhulgra
Ashenvale Andruk
Azshara Kroum
Desolace Thalon
Durotar Doras
Dustwallow Marsh Shardi
Felwood Brakkar
Feralas Shyn
Moonglade Faustron
Mulgore Tal
Silithus Runk Windtamer
Stonetalon Mountains Tharm
Tanaris Bulkrek Ragefist
The Barrens Devrak
The Barrens Omusa Thunderhorn
The Barrens Bragok
Thousand Needles Nyse
Un'goro Crater Gryfe
Winterspring Yugrek


Ship Route Destination Return Trip
Rut'theran/Auberdine 1:40 1:30
Auberdine/Menethil Harbor 1:15 1:30
Menethil Harbor/Theramore 1:40 1:42
Booty Bay/Ratchet 2:00 1:45
Zeppelin Route Destination Return Trip
Orgrimmar/Undercity 1:40 1:30
Orgrimmar/Grom'gol 1:15 1:30
Undercity/ Grom'gol 1:40 1:42

Level Ranges

Durotar 1 - 10 Horde
Mulgore 1 - 10 Horde
Teldrassil 1 - 11 Alliance
Darkshore 11 - 19 Alliance
The Barrens 12 - 33 Horde
Stonetalon 15 - 25 Contested
Ashenvale 19 - 30 Contested
Thousand Needles 24 - 35 Contested
Desolace 30 - 39 Contested
Dustwallow Marsh 36 - 61 Contested
Tanaris 40 - 50 Contested
Feralas 41 - 60 Contested
Azshara 42 - 55 Contested
Felwood 47 - 54 Contested
Un'Goro Crater 48 - 55 Contested
Winterspring 55 - 59 Contested
Silithus 55 - 60 Contested

Dungeons & Raids

Name Levels
Ragefire Chasm 13-22
Wailing Caverns 15-28
Blackfathom Deeps 20-35
Razorfen Kraul 24-40
Razorfen Downs 33-47
Maraudon 40-58
Zul'Farrak 43-54
Dire Maul 54-61
Name Tier Drops
Onyxia's Lair Tier 2
Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj -
Ahn'Qiraj Tier 2.5


Durotar 118 Quests
Mulgore 108 Quests
Teldrassil 120 Quests
Darkshore 93 Quests
The Barrens 274 Quests
Stonetalon 67 Quests
Ashenvale 157 Quests
Thousand Needles 86 Quests
Desolace 81 Quests
Dustwallow Marsh 171 Quests
Tanaris 214 Quests
Feralas 123 Quests
Azshara 71 Quests
Felwood 121 Quests
Un'Goro Crater 58 Quests
Winterspring 96 Quests
Silithus 174 Quests