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ArchiveCraft Is In Development

Ever since World of Warcraft Classic was announced over at BlizzCon I have been feeling very nostalgic to re-visit some older contents of the early days of World of Warcraft. Content such as Alpha screenshots from 2003, Screenshots of the Day from Vanilla times, old Gameplay Trailers, old Guides and Features of the game… only to find out they no longer exist, well barely. I had to use the Wayback Machine to access these older contents of World of Warcraft and it was quite a hassle. You had to find the right link and the right date to make sure you could see the image that you wanted, and using the Wayback Machine on the older World of Warcraft website would throw a lot of XML errors.

I then thought to myself, why don’t I make my own Wayback Machine?

This is when I came up with ArchiveCraft, a place where you can see all the lost contents of World of Warcraft from the very beginning, with ease, all archived in one place.

As I am writing this I am also working on this very website, with very little knowledge of HTML, CSS and Javascript. But I am certain that I will gain a lot of knowledge along the way on how to make a good website. All I know is that since I am making this website all by myself it is gonna take sometime, a long time.

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