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Welcome To The Download House

The Download House is our version of World of Warcraft’s auction house. Everything we archive can be viewed on our website or it can be downloaded into .zip files and or other various file formats. There are currently 6 different categories to view from. Each category has its corresponding listing with various numbers of files. By simply clicking on one of the files in the listing you will then see the items description, what it contains and some previews. Once you’ve selected an item that you want to download just simply click on the “Download” button below to download the file. It is no different than purchasing an item from the actual in-game Auction House!

We will continuously add more items for to be downloaded in the future so make sure to check back regularly. At the moment we are also working on an uploading system that allows visitor to upload their own items such as screenshots, movies fan made wallpapers or tools/software into the Download House.

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