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Our Youtube Channel

Our movie and video archive of World of Warcraft is one of the biggest collection on the internet.
We currently have over a thousand movies in our archives and unfortunately movies in that quantity take up a lot of space, and I do mean a lot. The costs in both hosting and storage is simply too expensive and because of that we have decided to keep it all on Youtube for obvious reasons.

Most of our videos comes from Warcraftmovies.com and the reason why is that Warcraftmovies.com is no longer being maintained by the developers. 90% of the movies on that website are unwatchable and can only be seen by having an active subscription that allows you to download that very video from their servers. And it’s just matter of time before that website closes for good. So.. I have done just that. I managed to get a subscription and I spent a whole 2 month or so downloading every video I could from their servers. And now you can watch them all over at our Youtube channel. We’ve been very careful making sure all the videos are credited with the right author and date.

We also have every Blizzard Entertainment made video as well, such as gameplay trailers and patch trailers. All of the videos on our Youtube channel has been categorized into playlists for easy finding. For instance PvP goes into PvP playlist and Raiding goes into Raiding playlist etc etc.


ArchiveCraft YouTube Channel

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