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Town Hall Is In Town

The Town Hall is finally open.
Town Hall is a great place for everyone to come and learn more about World of Warcraft and its features. Inside the Town Hall you will find everything about the game and its content, from guides to story and lore, world maps, info on races and classes, trade kills, transportation and much much more. We are also working on Burning Crusade and Wrath of the Lich King Town Halls!

The contents of Town Hall comes from many different places and sources, but majority of the content comes from the older World of Warcraft websites. These older World of Warcraft websites used to hold great contents about the game such as detailed guides that covered every aspect of the game, encyclopedia, story and lore, contests and more. Most of these content did not survive the overhaul of the modern World of Warcraft website that we know today. But with the help of Wayback Machine we were able to travel back in time and salvage these contents and put them all on ArchiveCraft for you to enjoy.


Town Hall

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